An article in the Governor's budget threatened the state’s medical marijuana program and the ability of patients and cardholders to afford necessary medication. Among other provisions, the article originally imposed a tax of between $150 and $350 for each plant grown, reduced the number of plants each patient can grow, and eliminated the ability of patients or caregivers to provide their excess marijuana to other patients. The ACLU testified in opposition to this article before the House and Senate Finance committees. Earlier this year, we joined with medical marijuana patients to raise concerns about this article, noting, "the patients and caregivers affected by this proposal grow medical marijuana to ease their symptoms and to help others; they are not running a lucrative drug trade. The state should treat them just as they would any other patient using legal medication." The version of this Article approved by the House Finance committee, and ultimately included in the FY 2017 budget in June, removed the plant restrictions and sets the tax at $25 per plant.