Every year, the ACLU of RI lobbies on hundreds of bills during Rhode Island's annual Legislative Session. Below are some of the bills we have tracked and testified on before the General Assembly. For more info on advocating for the issues you care about, check out our Advocacy 101 Guide. To see how your Reps and Senators voted on various bills over the past few years, visit our Legislative Scorecards page.

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Tax Return Statute of Limitations (H 7774)

We opposed a bill which would completely remove the statute of limitations that currently exists for alleged tax deficiencies, and allow tax officials to charge individuals with filing incomplete tax returns decades after the fact.

May 17, 2022 Due Process

Fair Chance in Housing Act (S 2641)

In supporting a bill which sought to address the barriers that justice-involved individuals often face in finding housing, we urged amendments to better ensure that the goal of the legislation is met.

May 17, 2022 Criminal Justice