In response to the tragic events of Sandy Hook and Aurora, the General Assembly leadership introduced a package of gun control legislation covering a wide variety of issues. (H 5286A as amended, H 5992A, H 5993, H 5994, H 5991A, H 5573, H 5688, S 0455A, S 0862B, S 0865, S 0864A, S 0860A).  The ACLU testified that, despite the good intentions of this package, the legislation carried a number of troubling provisions, including mandatory minimum sentences and a lack of meaningful due process for gun permit applicants.  The most controversial pieces in the legislative package died, but one bill of concern to the ACLU passed. It creates a commission to initiate the state’s participation in a federal database of individuals with mental illness or substance problems for purposes of preventing them from purchasing firearms. In addition to claiming that the database promotes the misimpression that people with mental illness are more likely to be violent, the ACLU expressed concern it could deter some individuals from seeking treatment.  


Mixed Results