The Rhode Island statewide General Election is November 8, 2022. This page contains links to a multiude of resources available to RI voters - including Know Your Rights information, a 2022 Candidate Survey, and a 2021-2022 Legislative Scorecard - that the ACLU of RI has put together. 

For information about polling locations, voting by mail, voter registration, and more, visit

Happy voting!


Visit our Know Your Rights guides to find information about your rights as a voter in RI. 

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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Voting in RI: Find answers to frequently asked questions about voting in Rhode Island. 

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Voter ID: Find answers to frequently asked questions about our state voter ID requirement. 

2022 RI General Election Candidate Survey

This election cycle, the ACLU of Rhode Island sent surveys to all candidates for a variety of statewide offices which asked questions focused on important civil liberties issues.