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  1. ACLU Defends Roger Williams University College Republicans From Possible Charter Revocation

    February 27, 2004News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  2. 4,200 Students in Jeopardy of Not Graduating from High School Due to High Stakes Test

    February 26, 2013News updateStudents’ Rights
  3. Under Threat of ACLU Lawsuit, Providence School Reinstates Student

    March 23, 2005News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights, Criminal Justice
  4. Students' Rights to Withhold Information From Military Recruiters Not Being Adequately Protected

    August 31, 2005News updatePrivacy, Students’ Rights
  5. ACLU Seeks Review of Questionable Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Curriculum

    September 27, 2005News updatePrivacy, Students’ Rights, Gender Equality
  6. ACLU Files Open Records Lawsuit Against Foster-Glocester School District

    October 5, 2005News updateGovernment Transparency, Privacy, Students’ Rights
  7. State Advisory Promotes Students' Right to Privacy From Military Recruiters

    November 17, 2005News updatePrivacy, Students’ Rights
  8. ACLU Responds to Secret Service Investigation of Student Essay

    February 2, 2006News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  9. Commissioner of Education Overturns Ban of Student's High School Yearbook Photo

    January 19, 2007News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  10. ACLU Brief Challenges Legality of Truancy Courts

    April 30, 2007News updateDue Process, Students’ Rights