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  1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: What to Do if You're Stopped by Police, Immigration or the FBI

    January 1, 2020Know Your RightsCriminal Justice, Racial Justice, Immigrants’ Rights
  2. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Workplace Privacy in RI

    January 1, 2013Know Your RightsWorkers’ Rights, Privacy
  3. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Access to Public Records in RI

    January 1, 2021Know Your RightsGovernment Transparency
  4. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Open Meetings in RI

    January 1, 2020Know Your RightsGovernment Transparency
  5. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Protests & Demonstrations

    January 1, 2020Know Your RightsFirst Amendment
  6. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Get a Court Interpreter

    December 19, 2012Know Your RightsImmigrants’ Rights
  7. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Students & Technology

    August 1, 2021Know Your RightsStudents’ Rights, Privacy, First Amendment
  8. FACT SHEET: Vaccine and Mask Mandates

    August 26, 2021Know Your RightsPrivacy, First Amendment
  9. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Students & School Dress Codes

    August 1, 2021Know Your RightsStudents’ Rights, First Amendment
  10. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: LGBTQ Rights at Work

    June 1, 2022Know Your RightsLGBTQ Rights, Workers’ Rights, First Amendment , Gender Equality