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  1. ACLU Files Brief in Irons Case; Criticizes Position of Ethics Commission

    April 21, 2009News updateDue Process, First Amendment , Racial Justice
  2. Groups Announce Campaign Against Racial Profiling

    May 11, 2009News updateRacial Justice
  3. ACLU Report to United Nations Documents Racial Profiling in Rhode Island and Across Country

    June 30, 2009News updateRacial Justice
  4. Groups Urge Federal Government to Reject State Police Request to Enforce Immigration Laws

    July 23, 2009News updateImmigrants’ Rights, Racial Justice
  5. ACLU Files Brief Supporting Child Welfare Suit Against DCYF

    August 19, 2009News updateRacial Justice
  6. RI ACLU Criticizes Misleading Use of Drunk Driving Statistics

    December 11, 2009News updateRacial Justice
  7. R.I. Civil Rights Act (S 5135, S 162)

    March 7, 2009LegislationRacial Justice
  8. Comprehensive Racial Profiling Bill (H 5108, S 155)

    March 7, 2009LegislationRacial Justice
  9. “Primary Seat Belt” Law (H 5983, Article 18)

    March 7, 2009LegislationRacial Justice
  10. “Racial Profiling Awareness Month” (H 6192, S 909)

    March 7, 2009LegislationRacial Justice