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  1. Why the ACLU of Rhode Island Opposes Conversion Therapy, But Also Opposes Legislation to Ban It

    March 22, 2017News updateGender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Students’ Rights
  2. Top Civil Liberties Issues of 2017

    December 28, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process, Immigrants’ Rights, Government Transparency, Privacy, Students’ Rights, Voting Rights, Workers’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Disability Rights
  3. RIDE Moves Forward to Affirm Civil Rights of Trans Students

    October 3, 2017News updateStudents’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  4. Groups Call on Public School to Reject "Dangerous" Sex Education Program

    May 7, 2007News updateStudents’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  5. ACLU Releases Report Charging That the Governor Is Promoting a "Politics of Division"

    December 4, 2007News updateImmigrants’ Rights, Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Students’ Rights
  6. Organizations Petition RI Dept of Ed to Adopt Statewide Policy to Protect Trans Students

    September 6, 2017News updateStudents’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  7. 15 Organizations Call on R.I. School Districts to Reaffirm Rights of Transgender Students

    February 27, 2017News updateStudents’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  8. ACLU Applauds Filing of Formal Regulations to Protect Rights of Trans Students

    March 29, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights, Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice
  9. ACLU Sues Charter School for Failing to Provide Records on Policy Governing Transgender Students

    August 1, 2018News updateGovernment Transparency, Students’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  10. ACLU Report Highlights Need for Statewide Policy to Protect Transgender Students

    June 13, 2017News updateStudents’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Gender Equality