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  1. Another Busy Week at the State House: Week of May 28

    May 28, 2018News updateFirst Amendment , Privacy, Students’ Rights, Gender Equality
  2. Court, While Questioning Providence Ordinance’s Effectiveness, Rules Against Rights of Students

    February 12, 2018News updateDue Process, Students’ Rights
  3. ACLU Reminds School Districts of Students’ Rights in Advance of March 14th Student Walkout

    March 7, 2018News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  4. ACLU Applauds Filing of Formal Regulations to Protect Rights of Trans Students

    March 29, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights, Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice
  5. ACLU Appeals Court Ruling in Providence Student Housing Case

    April 13, 2018News updateDue Process, Students’ Rights
  6. ACLU and RI Legal Services Ask Dept of Ed to Reject Warwick Request to Impose Student Fees

    July 26, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights
  7. ACLU Sues Charter School for Failing to Provide Records on Policy Governing Transgender Students

    August 1, 2018News updateGovernment Transparency, Students’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  8. Groups Advise Providence it Must Provide Transportation to Special Ed Students During Bus Strike

    October 2, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights, Racial Justice
  9. ACLU Calls Providence School District Bus Strike Response "Inadequate" and Inequitable

    October 3, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights
  10. Series of Legal Actions Taken on Behalf of Students with Disabilities Affected by Bus Strike

    October 10, 2018News updateStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights