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  1. ACLU Favorably Settles Free Speech Lawsuit Against Johnston Police Department

    June 3, 2021News updateFirst Amendment , Workers’ Rights, Government Transparency, Criminal Justice
  2. Legal Immunity for Sex Workers (H 5467)

    March 12, 2021LegislationWorkers’ Rights, Gender Equality
  3. Worker’s Compensation and Intoxication (H 5473)

    March 1, 2021LegislationWorkers’ Rights
  4. Domestic Worker Minimum Wage (H 5263, S 323)

    March 1, 2021LegislationGender Equality, Workers’ Rights
  5. Fair Employment Practices (H 5262, H 5266)

    February 16, 2021LegislationWorkers’ Rights
  6. ACLU Suit Against RI DLT Ends with Detailed Settlement over Unemployment Benefit Freezes

    November 4, 2021News updateDue Process, Workers’ Rights, First Amendment
  7. ACLU Settles Lawsuit Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients from Discrimination

    December 2, 2021News updateWorkers’ Rights, Disability Rights