ACLU Statement On Passage of Good Samaritan Legislation by the House

Posted: Jan, 21, 2016

The ACLU of Rhode Island issued the following statement on the passage of Good Samaritan Legislation by the Rhode Island House:

“We thank the House for moving to reinstate the Good Samaritan law. Today’s approval of this life-saving legislation puts the state on track to address drug use and addiction through treatment rather than criminal punishment.

"It is now critical that the House and Senate each promptly approve the opposite chamber’s identical version of this bill so it can be sent to the Governor and signed into law as soon as possible.

“The reinstated Good Samaritan law will save lives and reassure Rhode Islanders that their state values saving a life over making an arrest. We look forward to its speedy passage, and hope to work with lawmakers to expand its protections later this session.”