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ACLU of RI Statement on 38 Studios Grand Jury Decision

Posted: May 18, 2017|Category: Open Government

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Below are statements issued by the ACLU of RI today in response to Superior Court Presiding Justice Alice Gibney’s decision rejecting Governor Gina Raimondo’s petition for the release of grand jury records relating to the 38 Studios investigation:

“The ACLU is deeply disappointed in today’s court decision keeping all records of the 38 Studios grand jury proceedings secret.  We recognize and appreciate the general long-standing interest in protecting the confidentiality of grand jury proceedings, but as we argued in our court brief and continue to believe, this is one of those rare instances where the public’s right to know outweighs that interest. Unfortunately, the public now is left with many unanswered questions about this sorry chapter in the state’s history, which will only breed further cynicism and distrust of Rhode Island government.” -- Steven Brown, Executive Director

“The best way to prevent government abuse is by ensuring that the people know what government is up to. It's a shame that the people of Rhode Island may never know what failings of state government led to the 38 Studios debacle.” -- Jared Goldstein, ACLU of RI volunteer attorney

Link to our earlier news release announcing the filing of the ACLU of RI court brief here.



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