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ACLU Of Rhode Island Statement On Events in Ferguson, Missouri

Posted: November 25, 2014|Category: Civil Rights Criminal Justice Discrimination Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Police Practices

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The ACLU of Rhode Island has issued the following statement in response to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri:

“Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri highlight the vast gap that often exists between the police and communities of color. Certain policing practices can unnecessarily antagonize communities by casting a blanket of suspicion over entire neighborhoods. These practices are responsible, at least in part, for the vast racial disparities we see in our criminal justice system. The discussion generated by Michael Brown's death must lead to constructive resolutions. In that regard, the ACLU of Rhode Island will continue to work to promote transparency and accountability in police conduct, to roll back the militarization of local police departments, and to end racial profiling in the state."

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