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RI ACLU Applauds Rescission of Executive Order on Illegal Immigration

Posted: January 05, 2011|Category: Immigration

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The ACLU today applauded Governor Lincoln Chafee's rescission of former Governor Carcieri's executive order on illegal immigration. In addition to lifting a requirement that state agencies use "E-Verify," a flawed federal employment verification system, the governor’s action also ends an agreement, known as 287(g), between state police and federal immigration officials allowing the police to enforce federal immigration law.

Former Governor Carcieri’s issuance of this order in 2008 prompted widespread opposition from local community and immigration groups, including the ACLU.  At the time, the ACLU issued a detailed analysis of the executive order.  Dozens of organizations attended a ceremony today at which the new governor rescinded the order.

As a result of the Governor's actions, the ACLU plans on voluntarily dismissing a lawsuit it filed in 2008, and pending on appeal, challenging various aspects of the E-Verify mandate contained in the executive order.

RI ACLU Executive Director Steven Brown said today: “The governor’s action today sends an extremely important message, reinstating Rhode Island’s long tradition of tolerance and welcoming of the state’s diverse community.  As anti-immigrant hysteria continues to mount across the country, Rhode Island should be proud in taking a step to counter that hysteria.”

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