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Students' Rights


Protecting the rights of students is key because most people’s first major encounter with the government is in the school setting. For students to appreciate the importance of civil liberties, it is critical that their rights be protected in school.

Students' Rights in the News

  • Jan, 27, 2020: Groups Voice Alarm Over Scheduled State Education Vote on English Language Learners
  • Jan, 20, 2020: ACLU Takes Legal Action over Unlawful Arrest of 13-Year-Old Honors Student
  • Oct, 31, 2019: Barrington Sues Student for Challenging Unlawful School Suspension; Seeks Award of Fees

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Students' Rights Related Court Cases

2020: Johnson v. Pawtucket
Category: Active Case    Civil Rights    Criminal Justice    Discrimination    Racial/Ethnic Discrimination    Police Practices    Students' Rights    Youth Rights    

About this Case:
This is a legal claim for damages sent to the City of Pawtucket over a School Resource Officer’s (SRO) unlawful handcuffing and arrest of a 13-year-old African-American middle school honors student. The damages claim is a required legal prerequisite to the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of the student.

Current Status:
Claim filed in January 2020.

Cooperating Attorney:
Shannah Kurland

Supporting Documents
2019: Barrington School Committee v. Student
Category: Active Case    Due Process    Free Speech    Right to Petition & Protest    Students' Rights    Youth Rights    

About this Case:
This is a lawsuit brought by the Barrington School Committee against the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education (CESE) and a middle school student who successfully challenged his three-day out-of-school suspension - twice.

Current Status:
Lawsuit filed in October 2019.

Aubrey Lombardo

Supporting Documents

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