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ACLU Reminds School Districts of Students’ Rights in Advance of March 14th Student Walkout

Posted: Mar 07, 2018 |Category: Free Speech Right to Petition & Protest Students' Rights Youth Rights

In anticipation of the national student walkout happening on March 14, 2018, the ACLU of Rhode Island has sent a letter to all school district superintendents in the State reminding them of students’ rights on the matter.

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ACLU of Rhode Island Raises Red Flags Over “Red Flag” Gun Legislation

Posted: Mar 02, 2018 |Category: Civil Rights Due Process Fair Administration of Justice Police Practices

The ACLU of RI today issued a fourteen-page analysis that expresses “great concern” about pending state legislation that would allow family members and law enforcement officers to petition a judge to issue an “extreme risk protective order” (ERPO) against an individual who legally owns firearms but who is alleged to pose a “significant danger of causing personal injury to self or others.”

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ICE Cites “Lack of Child Care Issues” and “Availability of Bed Space” As Reasons for Detention

Posted: Feb 21, 2018 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Immigration

Responding, in an ACLU lawsuit, to a federal judge’s order demanding answers as to why Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials detained Lilian Calderon, a 30-year-old Rhode Island mother of two young children, for almost a month, an ICE official has cited three reasons.

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ACLU Raises Concerns About Rhode Island Senate Rush to Expel Kettle

Posted: Feb 20, 2018 |Category:

The ACLU has sent a letter to the RI Senate raising concerns about the apparent rush to hold a vote to seek Senator Nicholas Kettle’s expulsion following the filing of formal criminal charges against him.

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Judge Demands Explanation on Why ICE Detained Rhode Island Mother of Two

Posted: Feb 16, 2018 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Immigration

Following the release Tuesday of Rhode Island resident Lilian Calderon from an immigration detention facility after being detained by ICE for almost a month, a federal judge in Massachusetts is demanding answers from the federal agency in response to the ACLU lawsuit filed last week that challenged her detention and helped lead to her release.

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RI Mother of Two Released from ICE Detention Following ACLU Lawsuit

Posted: Feb 13, 2018 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Immigration

The ACLU today announced the release of Lilian Calderon, a Rhode Island mother who was detained last month by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Calderon has lived in the United States since she was brought across the border at the age of three, and her sudden detention separated her from her husband and two young children.

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Court, While Questioning Providence Ordinance’s Effectiveness, Rules Against Rights of Students

Posted: Feb 12, 2018 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Rights of the Poor Due Process Students' Rights

While expressing “strong reservations” about its effectiveness, a Superior Court judge today upheld the constitutionality of a Providence ordinance that prohibits more than three “college students” from living together in certain areas of the city.

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